Meditation is an act to make the thought dwell on the fixed goal in our mind. Whether we generate thoughts or they come by themselves? When we introspect in a subtle way about thoughts it becomes clear that the thoughts usually do come by themselves. We do not undertake to do anything. We usually perceive and get involved in those thoughts and leading on to the formation of a thinking chain. The main reason for the rise of thought is our desires. That is why we need to cultivate the practice of repeated thinking about the goal with enhanced interest. In due course of time, our meditation becomes spontaneous, natural when there won’t be any necessity of our selfeffort. E.g. – while intending to do any work we entertain other thoughts in the mind unrelated to the tasks on hand. It is because our thoughts does not remain on the expected work. It is so as we do not have interest and seriousness in it. We should not allow such a situation during our meditation. The meditation means that we should fix our thought centred around the goal and attempt to remain there while sitting for considerable time. If our heart is filled then with love, devotion and faith, it amounts to adding glitter (purity) to the gold.

We have taken the highest as the goal of our life according to the advice of the Master. It is to be achieved through the method of RajYoga. Thinking faculty plays an important role here. Our method is basically Raj-Yoga suitably modified by our Master. The speciality of the system is the power of transmission from our Master.

Sufficient information regarding our meditation has been given as follows-

Rise before dawn. Offer your Prayer and Puja (worship) at fixed hours, preferably before sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and ‘asan’ (seat) for worship. Purity of mind and body be specially adhered to.


Start meditation supposing that there is a Divine Light in heart. Never force the mind during the meditation. Do not try for concentration, do not worry whether you see Divine Light or not. This light is not something like coming from the sun, moon, stars, candle or ordinary light. It is taken as light without luminosity. Try to sit in meditation for at least one hour. This light is beyond the perception of our senses (an illusion only). The speciality of meditation is that the thoughts occur according to our desires related to the perception of sense organs. Consequently, our mind happens to be under the control of senses there by deriving pleasure. The meditation is the method of attaining the real condition of mind by taking away its slavery of sense organs. One is required to know much of transcendental information in spiritual field.

Who likes to do meditation –

All people do not like to undertake meditation. Few take interest in it although it is available to all. Such few are as follows –

1. Belief in the existence of God

2. Those who devote lot of time in the worship of God as per as their religion yet remaining denied of any benefit along with its awareness

3. Those who aspire for realization and without any expectation of material gain from the God

4. Those having been atheist throughout life and yet having some belief in the existence of truth or immense power and an attempt to understand it

5. Those down hearted persons after having gone through various methods of religion laboriously without any tangible benefit

6. Those remaining ignorant, worried about not telling others, not satisfied with any material things, any of the facilities, any of the books and regulations, some how getting an inspiration, such a thing propels them to meditation

Transformation after taking up meditation –

Soon after taking up meditation under our method as given by Divine Master for achieving the goal under the effect of transmission from Shri Babuji Maharaj, the following transformations can be felt after subtle analysis. In case, such transformation is not experienced, it is better to contact / communicate with the Trainer.

1. Laziness decreases with increase in lightness of heart and mind

2. The beginning of interest in meditation

3. Anxiety about any happening during meditation

4. A kind of inquisitive thought about the God

5. Development of power of discrimination day by day

6. An idea of renunciation (vairagya) and its growth

7. Declining interest in unnecessary activities / work

8. Decrease in the wandering tendency of mind for sensual pleasures

9. Decrease in the intensity / pressure of desires

10. A kind of satisfaction and peace of mind

11. No feeling of disinterest or dejection under any pressure situation

12. Loss of importance related to social feelings

Changes after sometime –

1. Concept of goal and interest to achieve intensifies

2. Increase in the tendency of vairagya

3. With an awareness of Divinity being present in all things there is decrease in Moha (love), Lobha (greed), Madha (attachment) and Mathsara. Some proportion of passion and anger come under control

4. There is softness and subsequent change in dealings, lifestyle, living, conversation etc.

5. Master becomes the central point of our aspiration with the rise of thought that the concept of God realization and realization of master as one.

6. God and Master become one.

Changes after considerable length of time –

1. Development of love with the creator along with His creation too

2. Expansion of heart and mind

3. There is decrease in the idea of things as mine (less of attachment)

4. An increase in interest and thoughts that how to achieve the goal as early as possible. Consequently there is a sort of pain, one becomes disgusted with thoughts other than the goal

5. All desires end and vairagya takes place completely

6. Intellect sufficiently develops, along with the viveka between good and bad

7. All other habits initially come under control and then disappear

8. There is always tranquillity of mind. Under any circumstances like joy and sorrow, troubles and sufferings, do not cause any effect, mind remains peaceful like a lotus in a muddy pond and does not get attached with anything

9. Life becomes simple and natural

10. No feeling of hatred / prejudice or revenge against anyone

11. Always remains thinking about the goal

12. At last he resigns completely to the will of Master, then he remains thankful with a feeling of love to the person causing trouble, he remains like innocent child without any prejudice, anger, ego, revenge, greatness etc.

13. Grace of Master is always there. Our duty is to receive it.

It is possible to imbibe all the rules, become identical and merge in Him provided there is Master’s grace.

Few points for consideration during meditation –

1. We close our eyes during meditation. It is because we see the God’s creation, when we keep our eyes open. We see the creation of our own making when we close our eyes

2. In the beginning, we think that our meditation is not good when there are lot of other thoughts but we must continue our meditation ignoring those thoughts and treating them as uninvited guests. Those thoughts are usually related to our desires. In due course of time, our meditation becomes smooth. Mind does not initially co-operate on staying in one direction / place. For that one needs to put in sufficient effort. When there is no other thought except that of our goal and remains permanently in a natural way, it is said to be a natural meditation and our practice starts from there onwards.

3. The signal of proper meditation is the development of viveka (discrimination) and vairagya (renunciation). Our heart and mind start evolving. Consequently, we get over greed, hatred, jealousy and develop brotherhood and mutual love. In case we fail to notice these things, it means that there is some thing wrong in our practice and call on the Trainer.

4. Lot of feelings and experiences are noticed during meditation. It is the proper result of correct meditation. As a result of this, we need to reinforce our faith and move forward. The feelings and experiences during the meditation are to be expressed before the Trainer only. If expressed before others, there is possibility of self-projecting tendency.

Divine Light –

We remain fully attentive to the presence of Divine Light supposed to be in the heart before starting our meditation as given by our Master. We become disappointed when we do not notice any kind of light. We are supposed to have light without luminosity in our heart as per the advice of Trainer and be attentive. We pretend to have noticed something. To make it clear, I want to tell a story.

Once a Guru told his trusted disciple that an invaluable diamond had fallen in the big lake of the village. He said, “If you find it out it will be yours”. Since the disciple had full faith in his Guru, he decided to search for the diamond after giving consideration for some time in order to do away his troubles.

From next day onwards, he started searching for some time, when there was less of public gathering so as to avoid them nearby the lake. After sometime, people started making fun of him. Ignoring their comments he proceeded with his work / task since he had faith in his guru. During the course of search, he got over the sense of shame and self-prestige including the time. He even forgot to look at and pay any attention towards the people, he continued to search for the diamond in depths of the lake. He started devoting lot of time as his anxiety increased. He even forgot an awareness of time during the search. Consequently, he even lost the sense of appetite and thirst. He went in search of different methods so as to remain drowned for long time. He lost an awareness of weeks, months and years. It was because day by day his faith in the guru increased so also his search.

Many years passed by. He even lost awareness as to what he was searching for. In spite of that the task of search became an important part of his life. After a lapse of many years, he came in contact with the guru one day. On being enquired by the guru as to what he was searching for in the lake, he forgot to say anything. He could not say anything. It was because the disciple himself had become a diamond (a diamond never goes in search of another diamond). At that time, the guru simply smiled and moved on. This is the importance of meditating on the Divine Light in our practice.


We come across many experiences during meditation. Some of them happen to be good and some bad. Sometimes we feel that we are progressing sufficiently and some other time we feel haunted by the thought of stagnation in our progress. The worst thing is thought of ill-will, anger and jealousy about others. In case, these thoughts occur, we must pray to our Master for the removal. e.g. – A banyan tree had innumerable leaves. One sprouting leaf makes fun of a ripe leaf. It thinks that the ripe one will not last long and fall down. The sprouting leaf takes pride and feels happy in the thought that its life is long enough and can see the happening in the world. One should not entertain such thoughts and feelings. One should not give any scope in this regard. The tree happens to be the main support of all the leaves. The tree decides as to which leaf should fall when. That is why our Master is the only support for all of us. We should not give scope to the rise of such thoughts other than that of achieving the goal.

Whether our sense organs are helpful in achieving the goal?

Our goal happens to be the highest and merging in it which is transcendent. It is reached through the feelings. We cannot realize it through our sense organs.

How to make use of our senses to achieve the goal?

1. We should go through our Master’s literature and try to understand as to what he wants to convey to us, we should follow it up to inculcate in our practice and living. Consequently, there remains no doubt that we become deserving for His love and grace. These things help us in achieving the goal.

2. During our sat-sangh, we should be attentive to the speeches of our elders. What is being conveyed needs to be thought over and followed to set right our self. As far as possible we need to listen to their talks seriously / sincerely. We must extract the essence of the message and suggestions.

3. We need to be introvert and observe our heart and various changes thoroughly. While interacting with other abhyasi, we need to apply attention for the purpose of visit, without giving importance to other subjects. We get cleaned / purified and at the same time we don’t pollute the prevailing atmosphere / environment. We should attempt to notice the speciality and similarities in the assembly of abhyasis.

4. We need to perceive these things through our sense organs and try to become like that. We should always pray for the help of our Master in this regard. Lastly we should try to adopt 10 maxims in our living. These are the yardsticks of our progress.

When our meditation ceases to be proper?

When our goal of life is not deeply rooted in our heart, the meditation we do, is not at all proper. In order to derive maximum benefit, our abhyasi brothers start meditating on the figure of Babuji Maharaj after going through his literature and his books. Consequently, those who have not seen Babuji Maharaj in person start meditating on some of His photos. But our Master has advised us to meditate on the form of great Master, not his figure. This needs to be understood correctly.

The form means what is exhibited by others of what they have. What we perceive through sense organs is called figure. In case we meditate on the figure it amounts to idol worship which is forbidden in our system. While doing meditation on the Divine Light for some time our Master gives an experience of one of his forms. It comes by itself. On making it stable, he offers another form. We need to retain the form even after the meditation is over and attempt to remember it always. It amounts to constant remembrance.


Why should we meditate?

We undertake meditation to realize the highest goal of our life. The solution to achieve the goal has been conveyed in our prayer. It is important to achieve our goal as per advice (prayer). Meditation is a part of the method. It is not the goal. Our prayer carries a reference regarding the goal, obstructions in our practice and a capable Master for the removal of these things. That is why it is very much stressed to start meditation with prayer.

Self created thoughts and desires come to our awareness while going out during the meditation. Initially, meditation happens to be a cleaning. We need not get disappointed if our thoughts come during meditation. We fail to recollect these thoughts, even on an attempt after meditation. We need to consider them as driven out.

Heart has to be taken as clean when we do not get such thoughts otherwise it is not. The purity of heart is very essential for the search of Reality. It is possible only through our thought power.

How many days we need to meditate?

1. One needs to continue meditation till he loses its awareness. The meditation itself comes to an end when the abhyasi loses awareness completely regarding the life, interest in living and doing the meditation.

2. When our Master conveys not to do meditation.