In every religion, the prayer stands for the method of loving the God. It consists of both the demands and the praise. Some religions practise prayer only and no worship of God. Generally, people present their desires in the form of demands before the God. The demands include long life, health, wealth, name and fame, prosperity, children, success in the task and sometime the peace of mind. If observed by thoughtful people, it becomes clear as to how many people have achieved welfare or their demands fulfilled, so far. However, the prayer has become a custom.

It is common to find ups and downs, joy and sorrow in the worldly life. It is the law of nature. We ourselves create all these things. Therefore, praying for petty things remains limited to the common people and not to the thoughtful ones.

The prayer means to present oneself before the God his present condition. For example, In case, we feel thirsty we demand water from others. It amounts to order. It is not human etiquette to order the God. With addition of some words like please, if the water is demanded, it also amounts to kind of order. But, the (Real) form of prayer means to present one’s condition as it is. It is then to suggest a feeling of thirst. Waiting for sometime is puja and presenting the feeling is prayer. At that time, the God may satisfy the thirst by anything else. If water, milk or Amrit is offered, one can deduce the thirst to be genuine. If nothing is offered, the feeling of thirst is to be taken as artificial. The speciality of any prayer is that a link between the devotee and the devoted needs to be established. There are 4 principles hidden in it. Namely:

1. Clarity regarding the concept of Goal
2. Clarity of personal condition
3. Complete surrender to the devoted
4. Importance of the devoted

It is most important to have complete clarity about the goal while one offers prayer. In case we lack clarity, it is not possible to move forward in our practice. Not only that, we run the risk of downfall sometimes. Prayer marks the beginning of a superior form of devotion. It is because we hope to develop love, devotion and faith in God.

The prayer given by our Master in the form of a message is not like the common one in the conventional sense. It is a statement of fact. Ancient saints and sages of the world had given such statements of the real condition in the prayer form. The thoughtful people convey that those were insufficient to establish our relation with the God in one way or other.

The prayer, we follow is not a common one. It stands for the uplift and welfare of entire humanity thereby paving the way towards Divinity. Some words came out through the vibrations in the heart after a deep and repeated contemplation for a considerable time in the highest state of super consciousness. Our Master reconciled those words & offered us in the form of prayer

Oh! Master
Thou art the real goal of human life
We are yet, but slaves of wishes
Putting bar to our advancement
Thou art the only God and power
To bring us upto that stage

It consists of only four lines. It signifies the secret of soul-freedom (self-realization), if it is offered after thoroughly understanding its meaning. One can comprehend its meaning only when he receives the Master’s grace. A question may arise generally as to what is there to think about and understand in the prayer? It appears quite simple and common. Its speciality is that each word remains beyond the reach of our thought and conclusion.

Here I would like to explain one word in detail. The word, Master generally means God. But which God? Our country is full of many Gods. If Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh and many others happen to be Gods, one beyond them may be called Par-Bramha. Then, who is he? He is one who undertakes to depute and direct these Gods in the human form on earth for the welfare of humanity and protection of righteousness. He is the Master. Satisfactory answer may or may not be found in this regard. In case, it is found, it may be called a Power, Ultimate Centre, Ultimate Reality or by some other name. Does our prayer address (reach) such a One (That)? A question may haunt whether such a one possesses the body and mind. When we get such doubts or do not understand anything, we try to search for something else. In this situation, we can understand it with the help of Bhagvath Gita.

In Gita, Lord Krishna replies the query from Arjuna like this “it is better to surrender to me rather than to the Ultimate Reality or the highest powers”. It conveys its meaning. One who commands mastery over that power, happens to be a great personality. None is greater than such a One. One who has dissolved his individuality and merged in that completeness with a permanent residence there in the human form, is the ultimate power. One who has created the universe along with laws of Nature and control its subsequent modifications as and when necessary, is said to be the Master. He is the only one worthy of being worshipped. Our prayer addresses Him and none else. Such a one is our Rev. Master Shri Babuji Maharaj.