Soon after birth, the baby cries. It is the first sign of life. It promotes growth and movement. Baby starts to explore the surroundings instinctively. It may be initially oral exploration, then visual, auditory, tactile etc. Baby is not aware of what it is exploring. The exploratory instinct continues in adult life when it takes a different color and direction in the form of name and fame, health and wealth, pleasure and comfort etc. This tendency has given rise to various faculties like art, music, literature, science etc. Not satisfied with anything he turns to other things like religion, drugs, hath yoga, pranayama. Every attempt brings in something of its own and adds to the existing confusion.

All through, his pursuit employs sensory organs and involves external objects. He lacks guidance. He has to seek for it. If he comes across one – worthy and perfect, he needs to proceed cautiously, observing and testing the merits and capability of person. It is to guard against the claimants and imposters. Spiritual methods under the guidance of the Perfect provides suitable answer to the exploratory tendency of man. Fortunately, our system has come down from That. It is backed by the yogic method of Transmission. Ancient sages of caliber in India practiced it as per their capacity. During the battle of Mahabharatha, Lord Krishna used the same technique on Arjuna for change of his heart.

Genesis of Creation:

Before the creation came into being, only the space was present. When the time for Creation approached as per the will of That, the Divine current started flowing. Its energy, part of which got frozen because of dormancy, assumed activity. There was reaction between energy and matter (frozen energy), giving rise to the Latent Thought. The process of creation was set in. Motion and heat followed. Intensity increased. Energy, being active, partook much of its influence comparatively. As a result, it metamorphosed into “the Directed Energy” and converged into “Single Ray with multiple waves” as described by Rev. Bhai Saheb. Waves were innumerable and different from each other. Combination of two waves with different amplitudes i.e. higher and lower, formed the basis of life i.e. birth and death. Thus, the building blocks of impending Creation were laid down. As the time passed, the reaction between the directed energy and frozen energy (matter) reached its climax culminating in Kshobh. It is said to be due to First Mind.

Consequent to Kshobh, numerous particles got scattered. Those particles were impregnated with the very thing; they had prior to Kshobh i.e. they were more or less akin to the source. The only difference was their relative distance from the source. Probably the distance was intended for diversity during the manifestation. As can be seen, the Creation includes each and every thing from king to cabbage. Example, human race, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, museum of planets, vast expanse of elements etc. they are diverse and different from each other as far as the manifestation is concerned. Yet, everything owes its origin to the same source. It signifies that the potentiality exists equally in everything and the manifestation proceeds as per the design. eg. We say that life exists in man, animal and plant. The pattern of life varies from man to animal and from animal to plant. But the supporting base for the life in all happens to be one and the same-life force (The Ultimate). Similarly, there may also be life in elements. Man does not know anything about it. Thus, Natures has presented the puzzling wonder in the form of Creation.

Scientific mind of the present society feels at loss to unravel its mystery and adamantly pursues its quest with a limited scope of observation and investigation. Probably the time is not far off when the society will take a U-turn in its attitude and approach. Nature has structured the man in such a beautiful away that the human anatomy happens to be the miniature replica of Universe. Wisdom prompts to peep within oneself rather than outside for revelation.

Spiritual Physique:

Human structure represents the Universe on a miniature scale. It is in spiritual sense and not in the organic sense. Muscular organ of human heart is located on the left side of thoracic cage while the spiritual heart extends from head to toe. So is the case with the mind and soul. In the scheme of things, there is nothing accidental in the Creation. Everything is by design and meant for definite purpose.

The Divine current within the man flows down to the given level. From there, it divides into two branches. One branch takes the left route of the heart and another the right. They remain and run side by side. They never cross each other. Their current is opposite to each other. Right from day one, their current has been equally subtle (powerful). With the passage of time, a sort of imbalance has set in since the intention is to maintain the Creation and its manifestation. Hence the left branch serves temporal purpose and the right one the spiritual. The left one influences the material life of man along with his thought and action. The right branch determines the spiritual aspect. Generally, the world is too much with the common man due to the influence of society and environment. Therefore the left branch becomes dominant and decides the material wellbeing of man as well as his fate. It may be called the pathway of destiny. If the man happens to be spiritually inclined, the right branch serves as the pathway of Destination in rare cases. Our Master describes them as line of humanity and line of Divinity. They co-exist with each other exhibiting a sort of friendly rivalry. That is the reason why the present society is getting materialistic day by day and going from bad to worse. If a man is to be turned spiritual, the left branch (the pathway of destiny) needs connection with the right one (the pathway of Destination). Under the normal circumstances it is not possible to bring about junction between them. For that purpose man needs an external support. The support has to be not only equal but also subtler as it involves arresting the flow of current and then turning for connection. The support arrives in the form of “Third Force”.

The Third Force:

Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission) happens to be the Third Force. It is labelled so because it necessarily needs to deal with two forces equal and opposite to each other. In addition, it requires to be subtler than those forces. Its availability is always from our Master. He alone holds absolute command of its source. Transmission or Third Force is Divine Power working through the channel of pure mind. This is possible when the thought is linked up with God permanently.

This is done only by the Master of high caliber like our Sri. Babuji Maharaj. It is effected through the power of will which is always effective.

By this Transmission power, the tendencies of mind are weakened i.e. extrovert and lower materialistic tendencies. Seed of Divine is sown in the inner core of the abhyasis heart.

We are fortunate that it is available in our system. In fact, it is the unique feature of our system. Transmission infuses the Divine effulgence into the recipient. It is highly specific and precise. It is always spiritual, purposeful and effective. It entertains no scope for the trial and error method. It is almost always carried out through the medium of human agency, identified and recognized for the purpose. Spiritual training in our system owes its basis to this unique feature.

An abhyasi during his spiritual march encounters many a check and barrier. These checks and barriers are actually subtle centers with intense energy locked up. They are present at each and every step and stage. E.g. From heart to Pinda desh, from Pind to Brahmand, from Brahmand to Par-Brahmand etc. transmission remains the answer not only to overcome them, but also to facilitate the release of locked up energy there. Self-effort miserably fails here. It is not to belittle the self-effort. Of course, it is essential and by itself is not sufficient unless the Third Force supports it. Sincere self-effort and seriousness serves to indicate acceptance and willingness. In addition, it helps to keep in touch with the goal and guide. Rest of the practice is Transmission, provided one is brought on/selected for spiritual training. Training in our system aims at individual transformation and evolution so as to achieve the real goal of human life. As the training proceeds in a subtle way, one is required to make full use of thinking faculty. Of course, it is necessary right from the beginning. Human thought plays a vital role in our system.

The Human Thought:

It is the driving force for every happening. Kshobh itself is due to thought. Tiny creation of the man is the result of thought. Transmission is guided by thought. Transformation is brought about by thought. Our system is based on the principles of Raj Yoga with certain modifications. Needless to say, it is the human thought that decides and directs the course of every action and event. Its beauty is that it is a double-edged weapon. It cuts from both sides. Its formulation therefore may be simplified as follows.

Conversion of energy into matter = Materiality
Conversion of matter into energy = Spirituality

Nature has been amply generous. Human mind is unique. Everybody is endowed with thinking faculty. One is free to use it the way one likes. Choice remains with the individual.

An opportunity:
There is an old saying “Man proposes, God disposes”. It is to convey that the man claims to proceed with his dealings depending on experience and intellect. In the process, he yields to temptation and distractions. Usually he meets with the failure. He does not blame himself for the failure. Finger is raised against something else. He may be right in doing so. Probably, it is a reflection on the management technique of Nature (secret administrative mechanism). It shall always have the final say unless the Third Force intervenes as it is capable of dealing with both. Therefore, it is hoped, one can visualize the positional relationship between the man, the Nature and Third Force. It highlights no doubt the beauty of our system as well as the importance of Transmission. It is the gift presented to the humanity by our Master. We are doubly fortunate that we have opted to practice the precepts voluntarily. We have been in association with the system and guide. Let us put in our best possible efforts. Let us sincerely resolve to fulfil our responsibility by the grace of our Master. Our disobedience and negligence may incite the severe reaction from the Nature. Let us not give any scope for that event. It is not to sound the warning bell. It intends to serve the purpose of wakeup call. i.e. The cry of an infant presumably demands a life with “Bliss and Beyond”.